Baby measuring 2 weeks behind at dating scan Anyone have an early scan that set them back date wise?

Baby measuring 2 weeks behind at dating scan, re: first scan and measuring two weeks behind estimation. also aw!: ultrasound picture

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Measuring 2 weeks behind at scan Opinions pls Started by undermyfeetMar 30 And if for some reason I did they should be measuring further along not behind. BF, cloth nappy and blw. A heartbeat is all they look for now at this stage.

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I have not been sent for any growth scans and as both my partner and I are not huge people height or weight wise the midwife has shown no concern, espsh as baby moves loads and has a healthy heartbeat. Archived Discussion This discussion is archived and locked for posting See active discussions on August Babies. Can't help fearing the worst though.

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My scan dates were out by about 7 weeks so I knew I had a failed pregnancy even though the midwives were pushing me to scan again 2 weeks later. My practitioner told me similar things. Look though our numerous subject specific forums or feel free post about anything you want to chat about. I measured a week behind. Ive been cramping lately, not badly. You just made my day!. Join Date Sep Posts 5.

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However it is not necessarily a sign that something bad is happening. There was a sac, yolk and heartbeat although he thought hb was a bit slow.

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I really hope it works out for you, L xx. Can anyone baby measuring 2 weeks behind at dating scan see it??

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I'm sure everything will be fine, could just be lying funny. I haven't lost faith but this waiting is driving me insane!!!

The Obstetrician has said that this is positive news but I'm still trying not to get excited or get my hopes up as i'd rather prepare for the worst. Hi - anyone have experience of dates being behind by 2 weeks?

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I went for a scan at 7 weeks and 6 days. Have any of you ever experienced this before in previous pregnancies? Do I just grow them slowly, is it possible to see HB and sac and not much else?

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Keep me updated with new comments. August Babies Five things you need to know about flu and pregnancy As the flu season begins in earnest, here? She seemed pleased until my reaction through her off which made her respond with "oh you thought you were further along?? Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Find All Thanked Posts. The measurements they give are only a guideline as each baby grows at a different rate jus as we do once in the outside world.