Bulle clock dating We have 35,373 antique clock prices, images and descriptions as of November 4, 2017.

Bulle clock dating

This is trial and error. Mark Headrick's Site - some interesting notes on electric clock motor repair. It just requires periodic cleaning of the oxide layer from the contact pin and fork.

The Manufrance is a convention iron U-shaped magnet, though the vertical limbs are quite a lot shorter than you find in XC or Clockette models. Dating a girl under your league really don't know anything about the history of this particular design.

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Clock is now returned to its owner having run for two weeks with no appreciable deviation in timing. The most impressive to me part of the website is the PDF files for many of the clocks he has restored.

Teelavox - unusual Danish battery-powered clocks. Bulle magnet clock dating Thanks for posting the links to Peter's downloads page. Newbie needs clock dating John - quite an interesting clock for your dating data-base.

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The clock requires a strong pendulum swing to operate the cog wheel mechanism reliably. The isochronous spring is the KEY to getting these clocks to run to time.

I have a similar one with Arabic numerals.

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It looks like a standard Bulle in an oak case with a very Art Deco design. Nov 5, 42 0 6. Again, the first digit is covered.

Hope this will help, let us know if you have any questions.

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It seems to be working well and keeping good time powered by a single 1. The Manufrance clocks differ from your example in 2 ways: Adding tension speeds up the clock, reducing tension slows it down.

This is achieved by using two shouldered insulating washers. Engle Monumental Clock - not electric, but an amazing automaton clock.

If it is too tight it will bind that 'Y" yoke and reduce pendulum oscillation. IF it is picking up two teeth, raise the contact pin slightly as that reduces the horizontal movement of the "Y" yoke. As of August the site appears to be down, but an archived version may be viewed clock dating.

Site is dead; link is to archive copy. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Thanks again for the detailed Kosta Boda info! The company grew out of Telechron, and became their tower and master clock division The London Clock Centre - usually has a good selection of electrics for sale. Turns out there was some intermittent current loss and so the silver contact spring was more needed than I thought.

If it is of any interest I will try and take some photographs and post them here. Maybe a little slow, but ok. This post needs to be isolated from the movement plate. Jan 1, 7 0 0 Country Flag: The plate numbers link to the value guide in the back of the book, which repeats the key information for convenient reference, and assigns a baseline value, which assumes excellent cosmetic and working condition.

Thanks for the quick response John. The don't look original. Bulle clock questions Hi John - this is It is seldom one of these will initially run so slow that you can't bring it to time with the isochronous spring.