Dating a man with a bad temper 10 Ways to Handle Dating Someone with Anger Issues

Dating a man with a bad temper, popular local vendors

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But now my words are like knives and arrows. All I am saying is that it is a two way street.

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If they are upset over having to stay an extra minutes at work or getting stuck in traffic, remind them how insignificant these things are, when compared to other, bigger issues. But he has always had a terrible temper, even before I got sick.

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Last night was the worse, he got back home drunk. Stupid thing is, he's been to an anger management course because I threatened to leave if he didn't. But with your exits, you gain the upper hand. He was the only guy who really liked me.

My marraige sucks so bad. Some days are better than others.

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Hold on and play safe. Saying that these people can't change is just BS used to pacify your own situation and circumstances but it's not being helpful to anyone. A story as old as time. When this happens, then you two can go back to being the well-behaved couple that you are. In this situation, you need to remain calm, and speak with a relaxing tone in your voice.

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In the long run, you would be abused physically, mentally, and spiritually. Now, this is where I believe it comes from.

Loving Men With Bad Tempers: Why and How to Cope with Them

Moreover, dating such a person is totally out of the question. Really Submitted by Really on August 4, - The greatest mistake couples make in a situation like this is to attempt to reconnect through sex.

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I have been with my husband for 7 years and I can we can be ok for weeks with no outbursts. She wants to think of him fondly while they're apart.

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They will probably look at you with a WTF expression, say stop, but eventually they will be so annoyed by you, that they calm down and bring their temper back down to zero. To be honest, it is so bloody hard but i have been trying.

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I hope for yours, your family's and his own sake he is successful, and you don't have to face it as you age.