Dating a man with a pregnant girlfriend I'm falling for a guy that has a pregnant girlfriend. HELP!

Dating a man with a pregnant girlfriend

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I usually date guys with kids rather than guys without but say we were together and my partner was going into another womans labor room when baby is born and then him going to her house to visit this little new baby. EDIT - In re-reading your post, it doesn't seem like you are in a relationship with this man, merely considering ktipp online dating one. And of course he still lives with mum at People's values can change, but very slowly, if at all. You need professional help.

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Good Advice from HogWild. Mistakes happen, sometimes a baby comes from that.

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If he is indeed the father of this child, that basically trumps you and any relationship you might have with him. That's why I have perfected the art of being a semi-Bad Boy.

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I have a pregnant girlfriend but I'm in love with someone else How do you envision your upcoming role in the rearing of your daughter? If he is not committed to you now what makes you think that eventually he would want to be?

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Unsure of the upside with anyone that has the potential for so much chaos. All that 'I'd be so jealous if you had a boyfriend crap' is so manipulative.

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You are also betraying your friend since you told her you would stay away. But if you did hate it, you would put him on ignore-status. I apologize if I did not explain my datings a man with a pregnant girlfriend for X adequately. As for X she does not intend for me to wait until she's ready to part with her fiance.

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His attitude changes when certain guys flirt. Do you find it difficult to get boyfriends?

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There is this really cute, very much my type, one of a kind guywho flirts with me all the time at work. Make smart decisions for yourself.

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Why do you do it? I thought he loved me and he still trys to get back with me every day. None of this makes him a bad guy - it simply makes for some uncertainty.

I do not know how you propose to continue on with this crazy making Ms X, that all by itself seems like an emotional roller coaster. He recently told me he has a pregnant girlfriend whom he lives with and says he does not want to marry her.

If it wasn't you he was texting it would probably be someone else.

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You should get along as friends do. That just means they were good at their jobs. You cannot predict whether he will actually break-up with her. I don't know if he has for me.

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