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It turned out to be a matter of "her body, her choice". I understand that life happens, and that datings black single mom can die or people get divorced after many years of a marriage that started out promising but took a turn south. I actually respect them more than women who use abortion as birth control.

Thanks for your comment! I can provide a lucky man security, a loving home and peace.

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Plenty of people are stupid at age 20 and are much smarter years later. Russia News Real-Time News.

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Just don't date a single parent if you are. I feel so bad for that poor guy and I hope he recovers from this disaster.

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He will demand as much time as a child and even though you spend plenty of time with him, there will always be a sense of odd jealousy from what appears to be an adult but is emotionally a child on the inside. It certainly must not spanish dating in ireland that the guy doesn't live in his own home, gets to date childless women who don't have rugrats to interrupt the dates or sex. Looking at this from the perspective of a child-less man even I have to say do not marry a woman who already has kids nomatter what the circumstances are.

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Maybe so, maybe not. Thanks for responding Ken. I laughed at most of what he had to say, he sounds like someone I have dated in the past pre-child.

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Being married and having children is not the same as being single and getting pregnant. I am fine on my own so please don't assume single mom's want men to pity them and to "help" them.

A few, I have to gather. Always the victim was one of my favorites. There's a guy in our office.

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But I still would not date a single mom. Really, you should stop having sex with her immediately. It is possible to never talk to him, yet still let the kids split time evenly between parents. I work a lot so in my free time being with them matters most. Dating a single mother looks like pain.