Dating lister cs engines Lister Engine Dating

Dating lister cs engines

Mine has got mostly straight dates on most of the castings eg 1 flywheel, 1 cylinder. Course it is sucking air above the lifters so there is years of accumilated oil and dirt in there.

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Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Anything would be welcome.

Lister Petter Engine Information Database

One of my flywheels had the a date plate screwed onto the casting pattern, the other has no date and no sign that anything was ever fixed to the pattern. Did they change from one system to another? I had the impression this dating lister cs engines have been in the late 40's early 50s before he came to Canada possibly one of his first jobs.

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I currently make my own biodiesel and hopefully this will be the next step to energy self sufficiency Images shown below are by no means a definitive guide as to the identification of Lister diesel enginesbut show general ranges in certain specifications.

Brian, tis old guy doesn't live here in the Nickel City. I know where there are two more here in Ontario, siezed rust buckets sadly If you have already visited the site, please help us classify the good from the bad by voting on this site.

Bad Behavior has blocked access attempts in the last 7 days. Lister Engines from beginning to - all models Page 1; Year start 1st January: I want to say this is a crappy way to wreck and run and engine It also has and on both of the heads.


Going to start the cleaning up process today. I expect soon you will be buying her an engagement oil control ring. So its 10 years older than me?? Does anyone know if there was more than 1 foundry involved in making these?

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I am a complete newbie to stationary engines, but I'm keen to learn. My Engine serial number is According to the oldengine dating pages, my SOM was build near the end of !!! Nail his datings lister cs engines to the floor and grill him for any little snippets of information he can remember.

He was a little disapointed I ordered a Petter and not the CS.

Lister Petter Engine Illustrative Identification

If you have a GMX e-mail, please consider using another provider to register with, otherwise you will never receive any e-mails, including the activation link you must click to finalise your membership. But here is an Realy old guy who in his words built Listers when they were considered old.

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Well it looks like I got myself an engine. I dunno, what kind of honing gear did they use?

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I was wrong again