Dating m1 helmet WWII-Era M1 Helmets: A Beginner’s Guide

Dating m1 helmet

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Postwar helmets have attached straps colour OD 7. Basically any information that can benefit us all on this subject is I think - a worthy endeavour. While obsolete in the United States, the M1 Helmet and international variants are dating m1 helmet in use by other nations around the world. The shell of the M1 was changed mainly in silhouette, as seen from the side, from its World War II beginnings. I have a helmet stamped MWA 16 and was wondering what that denoted. Hopefully I can come up with a reasonable quick reference point of most things M1 rather than what can feel like a mind numbing search of endless webpages on the subject.

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In the early s, materials changed to a thicker, more flexible nylon with a rougher unbeveled rim. This article will provide the new collector with a step-by-step process to determine the WWII vintage of the M1 helmet. Since the production began, until the colour of the straps attached to the shell was the olive drab 3, frommostly on Schlueters, the shells started to be fitted with straps colour olive drab 7. A sweatband is mounted onto these, which is adjusted to fit around dating site for business travellers head of the wearer.

The new buckle, stamped out of steel and painted black would remain unchanged for the dating m1 helmet of WWII.

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When separated from the liner, the shell could be used as an entrenching toola hammer, washbasin, bucket, and as a seat. The use of clasps' below indicate Postwar. Because I was really hoping for a fully vintage ww2 helmet. Wikimedia Commons has media related to M1 helmets. Hi, I have been attempting to find info on the stamps on the M1 steel pots. From left to right: I will continue to add as much information to this thread as I possibly can with pictures, diagrams and documentation where possible.

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