Dating old horseshoes Third Series

Dating old horseshoes, solved: how do you date horseshoes?

Whether you collect antique horseshoes for pitching or you are looking for horseshoes to decorate a Southwestern-inspired latrobe valley dating or apartment, eBay has hundreds of current listings for vintage horseshoes.

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This opinion is based on the fact that they had the need northern type horses with broad soft feet subject to wearthe resources a supply of iron and the skills to forge and fashion them. I am sure someone is thinking Originally Posted by Coinstriking Michigan.

Types of Antique Horseshoes

Don't shoot the messenger-call the author! Unlike the mass-produced horseshoes that dominated in the 20th dating old horseshoes, blacksmiths forged many antique horseshoes individually and these shoes carry no branding or serial number. In that case the horse probably wasn't used until the foot grew out, then the shoe was pulled and a proper one used. I hated the Japanese shoes in the beginning because they didn't bend uniformly, so I used the more expensive diamond shoes.

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It seems that horseshoes were not widely used initially, as there is only very limited evidence from their early years. I've never seen one like number three, but I would imagine that the horses hoof wall was broken up very badly and he wasn't going to be able to get good sound nails.

All of that said, the shoes in this post are Diamond brand, and were used in this country in the mid 's, I know, because I nailed a lot of'em.

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You can also examine the corrosion, though this is a less-accurate test. Number 8 is a mule shoe.

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Just wondering how you date horseshoes? A rather surprising omission if the Romans shod their horses. A current gunmaker could easily produce a flintlock rifle with all the early fixtures, but it obviously would not be old.

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The anatomy of a horses foot, and the problem solving needed to keep a horse sound is the same now as datings old horseshoes ago. Montana Silversmiths Horseshoe necklace.

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Anyhow, all those shoes probably are being made and used today, however the first 4 wouldn't be very common, and I would tend to date them as old, but once you get to the early 's, from there back they could all be in fairly common use.

I'm sorry, but trying to date a horse shoe by shape or the number of nail holes is like trying to date a knife by the shape of the blade, it's not really possible.

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