Dating site ms paint troll Ms Paint Dating Site Trolling

Dating site ms paint troll

ProfessorPlatypusJul 25, Check them out below Feb 25, ALTernatePersonalityJul 25, CypherP 4, posts months.

I'll admit, I got a cheap laugh out of a few of these. The only thing that's missing is the responses to the pics!

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Read this thread before clicking through. Quote Originally Posted by stefen.

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Kitana0Jul 25, I don't walk past "ugly" people in the street and laugh at them, either externally or internally. But the person has done it already, we cannot change that, and laughing at it affects nothing.

Jul 21, Messages: I bet if the creator played his cards right he would get somewhere if the victims have a sense of humor. Also apart from the one racist pic, the drawings were pretty cruel, but everyone knows laughing at a persons physical appearance is lowest common denominator humor anyway.

It's kinda dating site ms paint troll but mean-spirited and possibly racist. Besides, half the people this person drew aren't even "ugly". It is certainly not something I would choose to do myself, and I agree, if it was actually carried out how it seems it was, it was probably quite cruel too in some of the cases.

TheDailyBumbler Yesiamaduck 20 Jun '11, Yeah this is a little bit funny but mostly not funny Just thought i'd through my hat in the ring here.

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Jun 19, Messages: I was referring to the response to the thing Mehodor posted. Are you suggesting that me or somebody else is having a go at you for analysing comedy?

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Yesiamaduck 13Monsters 20 Jun '11, Free dating sites polish girls dating women borderline site for dating for teenagers dating sites saskatoon sk ms paint dating site trolling Jul 6, Sorry if I hurted your feelings by being a snideywidey: I had a giggle at a couple of pictures and then got accused of being many things not directly but with blanket statements so I just did the same in a manner I don't actually believe but you know Absolutely brilliant, actually brought tears of laughter.

Because if it is, can you all stop posting, yeah? StRiKeRj94Jul 25, Your are viewing a read-only archive of the old DiS boards. You're actually physically tou- nevermind.

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