Hook up amplifier Installing a DIY Car Amplifier

Hook up amplifier

Make sure the hole does not have any sharp burr or it will short to the amp wires. Remove jewelry, especially rings. These amps are considered low-quality and should not be used for cars. Choose where you want to place your amp within your car.

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Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1. Check the area before drilling as you want to avoid hitting the cables of other components.

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Connect your input sources to your preamplifier. Before installing an amplifier, be sure to know what both your audio system and speakers can handle in terms of power.

Depending on how many input sources you have, you may need to label each cable. Your preamp should be easily accessible with space for both input and output cables. Your amp should be at least three feet from the receiver to eliminate distortion produced from your vehicle's electrical system.

Make gentle curves with these wires if necessary as hook up amplifier bends could pinch.

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Create a pilot hole with a power hook up amplifier and steel bit, then use larger bits to expand the hole into the proper width to fit your wire after a rubber grommet is used. Connect your amp to the rest of your sound system. Consult a professional or research charts online.

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Turn on your car, then turn on the radio. You also need enough room to adjust controls like gain, crossover, bass boost, etc. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for mounting the amp and make sure it's secure.

Choose the class of amplifier.

Introduction: How to Hook Up a Amp

If your home theater is advanced with five inputs or more, multichannel amps are best. Slip the power cable's ring over the bolt that secures the battery terminal to the battery post, and replace the nut. Keep this connection tight, clean, and electrically conductive with a lock washer, a star washer, extra screws, or any other grounding technique. Connect cables from the output terminals of your preamp to input plugs at the back of your amplifier.

Step 1: Get a Amp

First, how loud do you want your stereo to be? Attach the power and signal cables to the amplifier. Too much or too little power will damage your speakers.

Make sure they match. Remove your factory speaker wires. Keep your cables organized as you connect them to your preamp.

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If you have a number of different high powered speakers, monoblock amps can be setup for each. Choose your input source and turn on your amplifier and preamplifier.

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Class D is known as a switching amplifier that works well for subwoofer use. Make sure that the wire does not have an opportunity to get pinched, kinked or rubbed as you drive.

Class B amps produce some distortion and need to be turned on.