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Mark Allen rated it really liked it Mar 20, Were you ever involved with any great Crimson pranks? The volume is edited each year by an esteemed writer who brings a fresh eye to the selections. I read the Lampoon when I was in high school. In the Weasel Zone, where most people reside, everything is misleading, but not exactly a lie. Muller rated it really liked it May 22, An Unauthorized Oral History.

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Read an excerpt of Dating Your Mom. It was something that I wanted to do since I was little.

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It was just exhilaratingly fun. Dating Your Mom 3. That's the one with the car chase, right?


And I left out Ring Lardner—he just wrote so many hilarious things. So I asked my Mom for a ride to the mall. How do you manage to switch between these genres while maintaining a distinct style? In our house we had a laundry chute, and I would drop army men and my brother would catch them at the bottom. How do you ask your mom to buy you a ian frazier dating your mom essay with a title like that?

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Where did that come from? Muneer Uddin rated it did not like it Dec 10, Jul 09, William rated it liked it. Julie Vennewitz rated it really liked it Sep 20, Take her by the wrist, pull her close and say 'Mom, You're the most fascinating woman I've ever met. It was and it still is just a completely good thing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The [printer] place was closed by then, so we put the plates in the car and drove out in the middle of nowhere and found someplace that was opened and would print it.

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Some were pretty funny. Ian Frazier tackles some unusual--and hilarious--topics in this collection of essays, such as the Killion, a number so large that even thinking about it kills people; the real reason for the New York City blackout; what if Samuel Beckett had become an You know, tell my frail mother that I didn't want to have sex with her. He forgave me and my parents forgave me. When Tina Fey told me I was funny. A Phony Oral History of J. Well, I probably would have wanted to come here anyway, but a guy four years older than I was who was on the Lampoon would send issues of the Lampoon back to my school.

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I really enjoyed online dating wedding speech of these, but they were so of the time that I didn't understand a lot of the reference. Would have liked to have some background on the essays. With appearances from all the regular comic strip characters, Adams and Dilbert are at the top of their game—master satirists who expose the truth while making us laugh our heads off.