Red velvet irene dating Red Velvet’s Irene speaks the truth behind her dating rumor with Park Bo Gum

Red velvet irene dating

All her statment about "I never falling in love" probably just a made up, typical safe answer given by SM. She's pretty much popular for boys as Seulgi and Irene. She's pretty, her body is good and her personality is witty, outgoing and cute. In fact they are dating so i think it is same for Irene.

Why would netizens worry over such a minor detail? Seulgi said that she respects Kyuhyun.

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It may not display this or red velvet irene dating websites correctly. Some fans even commented about how lucky Red Velvet's Irene was because she is always being shipped with the most handsome celebrities.

It's too obvious and i hope they tone down it a bit. Online publications have tried reaching out to both of these stars' agencies for an official comment on the matter but none of them have responded.

Do we see another historical photoshoot in the works? Bio, Fan Facts, History etc.

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At another time, the pair were caught walking in after a water game. And we can't forget how Suho always trying to closer with RV in any occasion and even willingly to appear as biggest fanboy for RV. The reason i believe in them is because BTOBRV is close enough Changsub mention Irene, Eunkwang stated seulgi as her ideal type, he even calling her in close manner in Yang nam but they never mention each other at all.

I have the weirdest feeling that you ship SeulMin.

Who is irene dating from EXO?

All the glancing is can't be confirmed and it most likely a sign of attraction because she a hot woman and Chanyeol just show basic male instinct. I can't pointing all of that because the list of their proofs is too many.

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I dont care witch member she dates as long as they are happy i just hope the carzy fans wont come after her But I'll take a guess and say suho. Sign In Need an account?

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I think Irene is dating herself actually. This topic has been archived. The reason why they are praising Red Velvet is all members of Red Velvet has upgraded their visual in this time. And that's probably the reason why she strong denied rumour with Bogum.

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