Student dating teaching assistant MODERATORS

Student dating teaching assistant

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She was notorious for being a "guide" to undergraduates a la Britt Ekland in the Wicker Man. And as someone who is in a department with students who are trying to pretend 'not to date' I don't know why, but there it is. This student dating teaching assistant there's also still time for things to be disputed - including the course work I graded during the semester - and you don't want to be dating real time hookup who ends up in that position for some reason.

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Well I have a TA coordinator that I answer to. Not everyone picks their significant others based on such rational criteria!

One of my friends is a professor does not yet have tenure and he has dated students after the end of the semester. I don't think gender comes into it really, an older female University employee hitting on a student is just as creepy as an older guy doing it in my opinion. I'm teaching a course and I find one of my students a junior ridiculously attractive.

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I know some successful relationships that have started this way, but I wouldn't personally do it as it's on the iffy side of my morals. That doesn't mean it will affect your professional standing, but it will probably get gossiped about.

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Just things to consider, as you don't give any information on your situation you could be like, mad vibin', ya'know? I admit I dated a girl from a class I tutored we're both undergradsand sometimes we got "private session" a week before an exam no dirty mind please.

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Take full advantage of this one-on-one experience. If they don't feel like you did anything wrong, then the hypothetical disapproving prof's opinion wouldn't be considered.

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Figure out who if anyone in your department could make a stink about such a tryst. No, don't do it.

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If you feel the need to date an undergraduate student, find someone in a different field! And I'm guessing that would have been the same with a lot of my colleagues.

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