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Where you there when it happened or at the trial for that matter?

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Send us your feedback. I'd really like to hear more about this town and school and the things that allegedly happened there. After Letourneau's release from prison inFualaau, then age 21, filed a motion in court, requesting a reversal of the no-contact order against Letourneau.

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Does she foresee children in their future? Just because her husband is a registered sex offender, doesn't mean she deserves to lose her career and everything she worked very hard for, just because you are ignorant.

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Straight Dope Message Board Join us now! Find all posts by SpoilerVirgin. He does not hang around the school or anywhere else children hang out. Just as the previous post, I am working on becoming a teacher. Find all posts by gnoitall.

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There are tons of victims in the country, particularly teenage girls, and what you're telling them is that it's more important for you to be with this man, than it is for him to live somewhere far away to keep them safe. I dunno, I'm hoping some Solomon teacher dating sex offender show up and give me the precise correct thing to say to my friend.

We have been advised not to speak out until after the sentencing. I was asserting that he could very well be a RSO while not simultaneously being a predator.