What your sign says about your dating habits The 'Crazy' Relationship Habits Your Zodiac Sign Can't Stop Doing

What your sign says about your dating habits, more you'll love

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Follow Carina on Twitter and Instagram. You connect with people very intensely like, four-hour phone calls every night for a week, talking each other's ears off, after meeting once and people are very attracted to that.

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Why is this important, you ask? Don't be insecure though! We all suck, equally. Deep conversations over whaat dinner that you probably made is your favorite date activity.

You need your partner to respect the passion and time you're willing to dedicate to the relationship—but only if they're worthy of your time.

ARIES: They think mostly of themselves.

Glamour astrologist Jenny Lynch explains what your sign says about your dating strengths and weaknesses. Oh, sweet, sensitive Pisces.

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Libras are probably the most romantic sign of the zodiac, and they adore being in relationships. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. From the feisty to the flirty, here's how your Zodiac sign plays into your dating habits.

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But who can blame you, Aquarius? When it comes to being in a relationship, there are certain things that you should know about your partner.

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Because you're goal-driven and believe in order, you have very little time and patience for dating people who aren't. Leo July 23rd to August 22nd. But your insecurities often cut good relationships off short because you're quick to react.

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As a partner, you shine best with like-minded people, but be careful not to fall into the trap of dating, like, a carbon copy of you because — and I say this with nothing but love — that hive-mind mentality of pessimism is not super healthy for you in the long run though it may feel validating as heck in the moment to find someone else who also hates literally everything on this planet. Not everyone can be as enthusiastic as you are all the time!

You go through their likes tab on Twitter to find a meme you both lost it over and you see that they've been liking a bunch of their ex's selfies.